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#2 Riverland Black Pencil
#2 Riverland black pencil with eraser. Also available in Navy.
Price: $0.25
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#2 Riverland Blue Pencil
#2 Riverland navy or light blue pencil with eraser. Also available in Black.
Price: $0.25
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2 Pocket Laminated Riverland Folder
Features 2 inside pockets, foiled Riverland logo. Available in Pink, Black, Purple, Navy, and Light Blue.
Price: $1.50
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Adult & Child Resuscitator Mask
Adult & Child Resuscitator Mask for adults and children. CPR class.
Price: $11.50
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Algebra Part 1 Quick Study Guide
This completely optional study guide is perfect for additional reference on your beginning algebra needs.
Price: $6.95
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Anatomy Quick Study Guide
Complete labeled illustrations of over 1,400 anatomical identifications. Loaded with beautifully illustrated diagrams clearly and concisely labeled for easy identification. Illustrations by award-winning medical illustrator Vincent Perez.
Price: $6.95
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Art Bin with Lift Out Tray
Art Bin with lift out tray, perfect for Drawing or Painting supplies. Clear
Price: $14.50
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ARTS 1122 2D Design Kit
ARTS 1122 2D Design Kit 1. RUBBER CEMENT w/brush applicator 2. RUBBER CEMENT PICKUP 3. MASKING TAPE ROLL 4. EXACTO KNIFE w/blades 5. 2H AND 4B GRAPHIC PENCILS 6. HARD RUBBER OR PLASTIC ERASER 7. 9 X 12 TRACING PAPER PAD (approx. size) 8. 9 x 12 SKETCHPAD (approx. size) 9. 18 X 24 DRAWING PAD 10. 12 INCH RULER 11. PLASTIC TRIANGLE 12. #10 BRUSH- soft natural hair or synthetic. Avoid camel hair. Look for about ¼ inch width at metal frame
Price: $150.00
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ARTS 1222 Ceramics Kit
ARTS 1222 Ceramics Kit Items in Kit: 1. CARABINER 2. CERAMIC TOOL SET 3. BASIC CERAMIC BRUSH SET 4. FAN BRUSH 5. XActo Knife and blades 6. Metal 18" Ruler Items Sold Separately: 1. DISPOSABLE DUST MASK (Optional) 2. CANVAS (Optional)
Price: $35.00
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ARTS 1226 Painting Kit
Painting Kit Includes- 3oz bottles of Grumbacher Acrylic Paint: Dioxide Purple, Mars Black, Hooker's Green, Lime green, Orange, Cobalt Blue, Cadmium Yellow Light, Cadmium Red Medium, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, and 6.76oz Titanium White. Includes painting tray and knife, sketchbook and pencils, 3 paint brushes, masking tape, 1 quart gesso and gesso brush. Other Required Materials Needed: Canvas Panels 12 x 16in or Larger, Pre-Stretched Canvas, Stretcher Bars, Canvas Optional materials: Water Containers, Lint Free Rags, Apron, art bin or tool box for carrying items.
Price: $149.99
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Biology Study Guide
BarChart's best-selling quick reference to biology has been updated and expanded in this latest edition. With updated content and an additional panel of information, this popular guide is not only an essential companion for students in introductory biology courses but also a must-have refresher for students in higher-level courses. Author Randy Brooks, PhD, a scientist and university professor, has a gift for making the complicated subject of biology easy to understand, from evolution to population genetics-without the fluff. In this new edition, you will find more coverage of the subject, including expanded sections on reproduction in animals, as well as helpful illustrations and diagrams, making this study tool you won't want to be without.
Price: $6.95
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Chemistry Quick Study Guide
BarChart's best-selling quick reference to chemistry has been updated and expanded in this new edition. With updated content and an additional panel of information, this popular guide is not only an essential companion for students in introductory chemistry courses but also a must-have refresher for students in higher-level courses. Author Mark D. Jackson, a scientist and university chemistry professor, has a gift for making the complicated subject of chemistry interesting and easy to understand. In this new edition, you will find more coverage of the subject, helpful illustrations, chemical problems, and practical applications, making this study tool you won't want to be without.
Price: $6.95
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Drawing I Kit
ARTS 1112- DRAWING I – please come to the first class before purchasing materials Items in Kit: Sketchbook – 11” x 14” min. – multi media - heavy weight Ruler – C-thru, standard, transparent, beveled edge – 2”x18” Graphite pencils – 2H, 2B, 4B, 6B Sharpener - metal Pen Drawing set – Sakura Pigma Micron, set of 3 Charcoal -compressed – 2-3 sticks medium -vine, medium -vine, very soft India Ink – 1-oz. Brushes –Blick Bamboo, Set of 3 Brushes Erasers -white vinyl -kneaded Paper -Bristol Board - Strathmore 300 Series Bristol Board Pads, smooth, -Strathmore – 400 Series - approximately 4 sheets – drawing 19”x24”, 100 lbs Chamois Blending stumps – Assortment, #1- #6 Water container - small Sandpaper – 150-200 grit, 2 sheets 24" x 27" Portfolio with 23" x 26" Sketch Board Additional items as needed, available in the Bookstore: Mat board – one sheet Foam core – one sheet Carrying case – Artbin, fishing tackle box, etc for materials Container for sharpening scraps Container for water
Price: $125.00
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First Aid Training Pack
First Aid Training Pack for CPR
Price: $12.50
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Glowgear Safety Vest
Safety vest by Glowgear for the Riverland truck driving program.
Price: $7.50
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Leather Safety Gloves
Leather gloves with safety cuff for truck driving students.
Price: $3.00
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Log Book
Log Book for truck driving students. It is recommended that you purchase 3, as you will use them frequently.
Price: $5.25
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LPN Notes Pocket Guide
The 4th Edition of this popular, easy-to-use guide delivers the practical, clinically oriented content you need to deliver safe and effective health care in hospital and home settings. Its handy pocket size and waterproof pages are great on the go, while NCLEX tips make it perfect for preparing for the NCLEX-PN exam. Thoroughly revised and updated, you&ll have access to even more of the commonly-used by rarely memorized clinical information that nurses and students need
Price: $29.95
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Microbiology Quick Study Guide
The basic principles of microbiology. Reference for any student studying biology or microbiology from high school to upper-level college courses. Features: history of microbiology, kingdoms, prokaryotes and eukayotes, cell theory, Koch's postulates, food born pathogens, microbial genetics, metabolism, microbial differentiation, types of microbial metabolism, microbes used in food, reproduction of fungi, photosynthesis/respiration, immune system, and medical mycology.
Price: $6.95
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Microeconomics Quick Study Guide
A handy, fluff-free resource tool, this 3-panel (6 page) guide simplifies the world of microeconomics through the use of definitions, formulas and full-color tables and charts.
Price: $6.95
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Phlebotomy Quick Study Guide
This 6 page study guide for phlebotomy students is a perfect resource to learn safe and efficient procedures. Includes easy to read tables and diagrams.
Price: $5.95
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Psychology Quick Study Guide
The mind is more than just the brain, and its complexities still stump scientists. However, for students of introductory psychology, or those in advanced courses who would like a quick refresher, core psychological concepts are made clear in BarChart's best-selling Psychology guide, which has been newly updated and expanded for this edition. Updated information and an additional panel, including new tables and illustrations, concisely explain concepts from basic brain anatomy to social roles and emotions.
Price: $6.95
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Rescue Mask Adapter
Rescue mask adapter for EMER classes.
Price: $2.00
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Riverland 1 Subject Notebook
Riverland 1 subject notebook. 80 sheets. College Ruled. Perforated. Available in 5 colors, Black, Red, Pink, Blue, and Purple. Please choose your preferred color in the comments section when you add this item to your cart.
Price: $2.75
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Riverland 3 Subject Notebook
Riverland 3 subject notebook. 120 sheets. College Ruled. 3 double pockets. Perforated. Available in 3 colors, Red, Black, and Navy. Please choose your preferred color in the comments section during the checkout process.
Price: $4.95
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Riverland Academic Planner
Riverland Academic Planner for the 2017-2018 school year. 5 in x 8 in. Featuring campus maps for all buildings and locations, Bookstore coupons, and more. Spiral bound.
Now: $2.00
Was: $3.50
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Riverland Binders
Riverland Poly Binders 1.5". Available in Pink, Aqua, Black, and Navy. 2 Pockets on the inside with 3 rings. Albert Lea, Austin, Owatonna, and Online noted on the back.
Price: $7.99
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Riverland Ink Joy Ball Point Pens
Riverland Ink Joy ball point pens. The color of pen denotes color of ink. Available in Black, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, and Lime Green. Please state the color you prefer in the comments section during the checkout process.
Price: $0.60
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Safety Glasses
Protective eyewear with a clear uncoated lens, adjustable temples.
Price: $3.99
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Statistics Quick Study Guide
A comprehensive, up-to-date collection of tips and tricks for understanding statistics/probability is contained in this 3-pannel (6 page) guide, which is designed with easy-to-use icons to help students go right to the equations and problems they most need to learn, and also call out helpful tips to use and common pitfalls to avoid.
Price: $6.95
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Twist Pen with Stylist
Twist Top Stylist Pen with Riverland Logo. Available in metallic grey and canvas.
Price: $2.00
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